Boris – “Absolutego”


Twenty-five years prior to the release of the relatively short song “Absolutego” Boris was willed into being, and (heavy) music has never been the same. In fact, after Boris played their first few notes, Boris, too, was never the same. And then after their second notes, third album, fourth collaboration, Boris was never the same once again. Change has been a constant for the band since day one, and though the music is never the same, the names are sometimes the same.

“Absolutego” is also the name of Boris’ debut album. That album’s titular track was an hour-long feedback drone punctuated by a middle section of guttural stoner riffing. It would be nice to point to a concrete connection between the two songs, but there’s little discernible connection beyond the presence of some seriously shrieked vocals in both.

Rather, “Absolutego” 2017 points to Boris’ uncanny ability to keep a thread between their various iterations, but still sound like themselves. The song features an ultra-gnarly, mega-heavy riff matched with Takeshi’s airy, reverbed vocals floating angelically above. It makes sense that the band once named an album Amplifier Worship because twenty-five years into their career they still find ways to make songs sound heavier than ever.

Despite, or maybe because of the heaviness, Wata delivers a killer guitar solo mid-song. It should be noted that if there was any way to trademark a guitar sound, at this point Wata would be the world’s best bet. Once again, with just a single note ringing out through the murk,the tone always sounds like her and always sounds amazing.

While they may have recycled the name, “Absolutego” makes it clear that Boris are always willing to bring something new to the music.


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