Copro Lights – “Seventeen Again”

“Seventeen Again” will take you higher than high.avatars-000295473147-5loz18-t500x500

The poor teenage brain. As if teenagers aren’t maligned enough, some research suggests that teenagers really are different, practically brain damaged. While still debated, the basic idea is that the teenage brain processes risk-reward differently: risky behavior creates an outsized sense of reward.

It’s hard to argue against that idea making common sense; who didn’t feel that everything was, well, amplified at seventeen. So, to be seventeen again, to feel everything so intensely. Throwing caution to the wind. Feeling the rush. In that longing, it’s easy to forget that at seventeen, high times felt higher, but low times felt lower.

Copro Lights are not interested in that complexity. They are here solely to bring that higher high. The band structures “Seventeen Again” immaculately, or at least as immaculately as a hot-rod trying to outrun a meteor can be. The opening employs a slightly stuttering, but fast and energetic beat. The guitar wails, the singer gives it heart, but this is anticipatory. We’re not there there yet. We have no bass, we have no groove. When the bass finally does enter, the guitars distort, but we’re still waiting. With all of this anticipation, could the payoff really match up to expectations?

Then with a glorious shriek of the guitar, the drummer flips to a back-beat and we race to the edge of the cliff. We are seventeen again and nothing can hurt us.


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