Kojipull – ” 愛妻家の条件”


We’ve got a strange relationship with effort. We’re called upon to do things that take great effort, and equally compelled to conceal that effort. If you put yourself in the public arena, you’d better do things well or face a social lifetime of mockery. To get to that point, the point where you can place the ball right in the goal, the point where you can write a song that will leave people humming, takes hours and years of dedication.

But you’ve got to keep it hidden. The early morning training, the mountain of unfinished songs, you can’t show it to the world. It all has to come off looking natural and easy. The thing you have put more effort into than anything else in your life, has to appear as if it takes no effort at all, even at peak performance.

Kojipull must know a thing or two about making things look easy: he self-describes his music as slacker pop. And slack it does. It nails that mid-90s indie feel. A breezy melody over just-overdriven enough jingle-jangle guitars. A hook sung lackadaisically that you will certainly walk away humming. It’s slack-pop heaven.

It’s funny, no one would really want to listen to an actual slacker’s pop; it would either be mind-numbingly meandering or mind-numbingly simple. So, we know Kojipull is not a slacker, he’s honed his talents so that he can write a great pop tune and also make it sound like something he could write in his sleep. It has the just the right amount of repetition to be an earworm without being tiresome. It all sounds effortless, Kojipull, but you can’t fool us, we know you’ve put in the effort.


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