(( the submariners )) – “Silentalk”

(( the submariners )) deliver a loud bash of feelings on “Silentalk”


If love is calm and romance is a storm, (( the submariners )) are die-hard romantics. “Silentalk”, off of the band’s second EP, employs the language of alternative rock: big loud drums, distorted guitars,  a blown-out synth, and a lovely circular melody on its verses to create a dizzying effect. Anyone who’s ever fallen into that uncontrollable sense of passion- not mature enough to be love, too mature to be simply lust- will be able to recognize the feeling that band is getting at here.


Then the sound shifts on the chorus, and we’re already to that point where the fling is starting to crumble. The arguments come faster than the passion.


When the romance fades, there’s that lurking beauty in the melancholy of loss. It’s alluring, it’s enrapturing, it’s destructive. But that’s why it’s romance, not love.

((the submariners)) deliver a loud bash of feelings on “Silentalk”, so we’re expecting big things to come.


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