Sea of Tranquility HK – Summer Blossom


What is the sea of tranquility? Given the band of the same name’s graphical predilections, it is much more likely interstellar space than the South China Sea. But Hong Kong, as tumult and instability grows, needs a sea of tranquility. Hopefully the band can give its hometown what it needs. Less hopefully, Hong Kong, is one of the most difficult places to maintain an indie band.

But we need to hear more from Sea of Tranquility. “Summer Blossom” off of the band’s Demo EP shows incredible promise. It is a song-centric slice of shoegazing dream pop that shows a kinship with the once again late, but always great Lush circa¬†Split. The sonics are indeed beautiful, but the sonics support the song not the other way round. The band aligns the stars for a killer chorus, the only shame is that they opt for an instrumental closing instead of bringing that beauty back for a showstopping finish. Nevertheless, Sea of Tranqulity is a band to keep your eye on.



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